Mornington Peninsula April 2021

Bay of Islands, Sorrento, Victoria

My Uncle used to say that when they took my Grandmother along with them on holidays they needed a trailer just for her stuff. In my Grandmother’s mind there was always something extra you might need. As I get older I’m getting closer to my Grandmother’s style of packing and last week’s trip to Sorrento was perfect example. I packed five books; finished one, read half of another as well as a few chapters of an ebook. In the end three remained untouched and on top of this I picked up two second books on the drive down, more about them later. And then there’s the camera gear.

Despite the pessimistic weather forecast I still packed the camera and lenses. I don’t think I looked at the macro lens and my best shot at the bay of islands, the one above, was taken with my phone. Taking the camera however wasn’t a complete waste of time with an obliging young Pacific Gull coming to the rescue. I’ve got a soft spot for these birds who, unlike Silver Gulls, have an air of contentment about them.

Immature Pacific Gull, Observatory Point, Point Nepean National Park.

If someone found a hardback copy of one of their favourite novels, a novel which is long out of print and their current copy is a well thumbed second hand paperback, I’d expect them to be pretty happy. That’s just happened to me with E.L. Doctorow’s The Waterworks and it turns out I’m both happy and sad. I’m going to enjoy reading the hardback. Larger print, easier to hold, not worrying about creasing the spine are all reasons why I like hardbacks. Why sad then? Because I purchased the paperback at the now closed Grub Street Bookstore in Brunswick St, Fitzroy and I’ll miss reading it.

Lastly, I had a good start to the month reading wise with three books read and I should finish two more this week. With another week left in the month I could read another two. Seven books read in a month? That’s a huge total for me.

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