Virtual Filing Cabinet

After making the decision to leave Twitter a few weeks ago I started to think about the future of this long neglected website. I’m still thinking, that can be a long process for me, and in the interim I’ve found a purpose for it. Nearly every computer I’ve owned has had a file called cabinet on the desktop. It’s where I put things and if you think that sounds organised, it’s not. You can expect the same for this website. Welcome to my virtual filing cabinet.

What do I plan to put in the cabinet? Books read lists and photos will be a start. I often wanted to say more than a single tweet about a book I’d read but didn’t have the confidence to write a full review, hopefully a paragraph or two in a monthly reading summary will be a happy medium. It’s a little bit similar for photos. I can now talk about the location as well as subject when I post a group of photos. That’s a start, we’ll see what happens next. Gordon

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