Australian Women Writers Challenge 2019

aww 2019

Or my list of vaguely good intentions part 1.

Setting out a list of books I intend to read for the year, and in some cases review, may seem like a new year’s resolution that is bound to fail. In part this is true, there’s always some TBR books which are left in the pile or buried at the back of the bookshelf. As long as they’re replaced by something else I don’t mind, if I suffer one of my dreaded reading blocks that is entirely another thing.

I’m splitting my TBR list into two parts, the first of which sets out the books I intend to read and review as part of the Australian Women Writers Challenge 2019. For the challenge I’ll be reading 10 books with 6 to be read and reviewed. All reviews will be posted at

Crime/Thriller books to be read and reviewed

Into The Night– Sarah Bailey

And Fire Came Down– Emma Viskic

Cedar Valley– Holly Throsby

The Ruin– Dervla McTiernan

El Dorado– Dorothy Porter

Crossing The Lines– Sulari Gentill

Books to be read.

The Lost Thoughts of Soldiers– Delia Falconer

Too Much Lip- Melissa Lucashenko

Pulse Points– JenniferDown

The Gulf and The Paper House– Anna Spargo Ryan

One last point. The list only includes books which I currently own, I’m expecting to add a few during the year.





3 thoughts on “Australian Women Writers Challenge 2019

  1. There seems to be such a lot of talent coming out of Australia in terms of writing at the moment, especially crime. Sometimes they don’t become available over here (Scotland) for ages, or only at ridiculously high prices, which can be frustrating when I read a tempting review! I look forward to hearing what you think of the ones you’ve chosen, none of which are familiar to me yet. Will you be posting your reviews here as well as on the Australian crime fiction website?

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    1. I’m planning to post some reviews here during the year. They’ll mainly be non-crime related and will be part of my plan to extend my reading this year. One part of the plan is read a lot of short story fiction and I’ll be putting a post up about that in the next day or so.

      Accessing books from overseas authors, especially those who have small publishers, is a costly pain. It’s the one time I decide to be pragmatic and download an ebook. There’s a few of books by Australian authors which I’d highlight at the moment. Emma Viskic’s Caleb Zelic series are very good and are definitely available in the UK. Emma was at last years Edinburgh Book Festival. I’m fairly certain that Salt Creek by Lucy Treloar is also available. It’s a beautiful book to read if you can find a copy. The last one is A Superior Spectre by Angela Meyer which Saraband is due to publish in your Autumn. It’s set in Scotland in the mid 1800’s and the future, if I say that it’s speculative fiction then the last bit may make more sense.


      1. Thanks for those recommendations – I shall check them out! My wishlist has lots of Australian, NZ and Canadian books on it that I’m patiently waiting for either the price to come down to a reasonable level or for a Kindle version to become available.

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