Book Gems and Touring


Anytime I pass, let alone walk into a bookshop, I’ll always find something I want to take home and add to my TBR- To Be Read pile. Seperate to the TBR pile is the MRT- Must Read That pile. I’m too scared to count the former and I wouldn’t be alone in saying the latter is too big to count. During the trip to Tassie last week the TBR pile grew a little and shrunk a bit.

Despite my best efforts to finish reading Pat Barker’s The Silence of the Girls prior to the trip I found it was a book which needed to be read slowly and I only just finished it prior to coming home. I cannot praise The Silence of the Girls highly enough and there were often times when I re-read passages just to enjoy their beauty.

My main reading failure of the trip was not spending enough time with Ellen Van Neerven’s Comfort Ford. Each time I pick it up I find something new to savour and I only managed to do this a once on the trip. I was sitting quietly whilst photographs were being taken, thankfully of a building and not me, and I opened the page to this intensely beautiful poem. You can just feel the sadness building to that poignant last line.

IMG_0562 2

The trip back on the ferry was calm and pleasant and I spent most of the time reading Jane Rawson’s From The Wreck. One of the nice aspects of being on Twitter is the ability to tweet to an author when I start reading their book and to say how much I enjoyed reading it afterwards. There was also a bit of banter about avoiding being shipwrecked, the subject of the book, which adds to the enjoyment of giving positive feedback.

Now a little note about tourist brochures. My wife and I both enjoy walking but our knees don’t appreciate steep tracks as much as they used to. In one of the brochures we found a place called Snug Falls which was only a short drive south of Hobart. The brochure suggested the walk to the falls was pleasant, it turned out to be a grade 3 track which took some effort to complete. The falls are stunning, which you can see from the photo below, but I don’t imagine that we’ll ever get to see them again.

Lastly I must apologise about the tardiness of this post. Holidays, work and other time constraints have made it difficult complete it and although I’d like to add a few more things they can be left for another day.


Top image: The Book Cellar Campbell Town, Tasmania                                                               Bottom image: Snug Falls, Tasmania












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